Long lasting fall prevention

Start your new barn off on the right foot with machine cut grooves.


Concrete grooving provides a durable long lasting traction solution.  We cut 1/2 inch machine grooves in a variety of patterns to provide optimal traction.  We custom build our machines to be able to service any area in your barn.

We groove both new and old barns.

New Construction

We recommend pouring your alleys, cross overs and holding area with a light broom finish.  After 10 days of curing we can come in cut the grooves.  We will work with you to determine the best pattern for your barn and the flow of cow traffic.

Existing Barn

We will work with you to determine the best pattern for your traction needs.  We can also be flexible with our work hours so as to not disturb your day to day operations.

Close up one way
one way Grooving
Diamond Grooving holding area

Installing a new alley scraper?

We can cut the groove

Alley Scraper Groove

When installing automated alley scrapers a groove is needed down the center of the alley for the length of the barn.

The groove allows the cable, rope, chain or hydraulic track to remain below the surface of the concrete preventing hoof damage and tripping hazards.

It also prevents the scraper head from binding from an uneven load.

We can cut grooves for any alley scraper application from 1 inch for a rope to 5 inches for a hydraulic track.

Benefits of machine cut groove:

  • Little down time. We can work with your schedule to insure as little disruption as possible
  • Custom dimensions
  • Smooth finish for increased life out of your equipment
  • We use a laser guided system to insure an accurate and straight groove for optimal operation of your scraping system
Alley Scrapper Groove 2
Alley Scraper Groove

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