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We have a wide range of cutting and coring equipment and expertise to serve you.

Cutting and Coring

Slab Sawing

Our slab saws cut through concrete floors and both concrete or asphalt driveways.

When compared to jack-hammering floor sawing is quick and efficient.

Our saws are capable of cutting to a depth of 12 inches.

We have a wide range of saws to accommodate a variety of cutting applications.

Applications include:

  • Cutting an alley scraper groove (see our grooving page for more information)
  • Cutting a trench for water or electrical lines
  • Control joints
  •  Demolition

Wall Sawing (Available in BC only)

Our wall mounted track system provides fast and accurate cutting.

Powered by a hydraulics we can cut up to 15 inches from one side.

Applications Include:

  • Windows and doors Manure pit modification
  • Renovations and additions
  • Demolition

Coring(Available in BC only)

When renovating existing buildings or while building a new one it is sometimes necessary to have a hole added through a concrete wall or floor.

We can core holes from 1/2 inch to 16 inches in any direction or at any angle and accommodate almost any concrete thickness.

Applications include:

  •  Manure pit modification for pumps and drains
  •  Adding new water lines or drains
  •  Adding new posts for gates

Curb Cutting(Available in BC only)

When a short wall or "curb" is needing to be cut shorter or removed flush, conventional tools may not be enough.

We have developed a quick and efficient way of modifying or removing existing curbs.

Applications include:

  • Lowering a head locker wall
  • Changing the height of the curb in a freestanding stall alley
  • Removing a curb flush with the floor with no need to jackhammer and re-pour new cement.
Cutting 3

Cutting expansion joints for new construction

Wall Sawing2

Flush cutting dividing wall in manure pit

Wall Sawing before and after

Removing wall for new milk tank

Coring 1

Coring hole for new manure pump

Coring 3

Coring hole for water drainage in parlor

Curb Cutting

Removing top of curb for greater cow comfort

Installing a new alley scraper?

We can cut the groove

Alley Scraper Groove

When installing automated alley scrapers a groove is needed down the center of the alley for the length of the barn.

The groove allows the cable, rope, chain or hydraulic track to remain below the surface of the concrete preventing hoof damage and tripping hazards.

It also prevents the scraper head from binding from an uneven load.

We can cut grooves for any alley scraper application from 1 inch for a rope to 5 inches for a hydraulic track.

Benefits of machine cut groove:

  • Little down time. We can work with your schedule to insure as little disruption as possible
  • Custom dimensions
  • Smooth finish for increased life out of your equipment
  • We use a laser guided system to insure an accurate and straight groove for optimal operation of your scraping system
Alley Scrapper Groove 2
Alley Scraper Groove

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